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It takes sheer good nerves to be in this business. Just when one thinks everything is going fine the rug gets pulled from under your feet. No we did not close on the deal I wrote about in my last post.


It was too quick to be true. There were subtle nuances from the beginning that smelt like trouble. There was always a snag something or the other was either missing or needed an extension or the answers did not come fast enough. Looks like the buyer was stumbling or maybe they did not get proper representation. To the end they asked for another extension that really did not seem reasonable. So we backed out of the contract and in good faith kept half of the deposit.

So we relisted the house on a Friday afternoon right before 5pm. That same afternoon we had a showing. Saturday was a buzz. I lost track how many times my agent texted to say that there was another showing. Saturday afternoon we started receiving offers through Sunday. Monday we made a selling decision. This transaction went through smoothly until the last few days. There was a mix up with the lender and title, causing a three day delay.

I am ecstatic to report that closing is done, funds are in the bank and we no longer own Foxforrest House. This was a long journey with many ups and downs. Overall, it was a great experience. On to the next purchase. This time we are looking for a house that we can move into.