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It’s been awhile. Well, I’ve been busy finishing these bathrooms, all three of them. In my defense, one must have patience and resolve when ordering items on the internet.

We found a great looking complete vanity, sink and mirror combination with a few configurations that could work with our existing bathroom layout for a reasonable price. Small little issue, when we ordered the first vanity we assumed they would have others in stock when we were ready. Not so. We had to wait three weeks. Then they kept sending boxes with half of hardware. How can a packer make the same mistake twice? There is a huge difference between 16 pairs of fasteners and 32. Needless to say finally all hardware arrived.

Next big issue, drains for these sinks. The combination came with drain, p-trap and tailpiece. To match our existing plumbing we had to do some really deep thinking. After a few failed attempts and several trips to Lowes Hardware Store we finally got a fixture that worked. One would imagine a new item would work flawlessly. Not so. After connecting all the plumbing, there was a persistent leak from the tailpiece connected to drain. Deeper investigation resulted in the tailpipe being slightly too narrow for drain. Easy fix, get a new tailpipe. I could not find a tailpipe to match the drain. Guess what? I had to change every drain and tailpipe and toss the ones that came with combination. Luckily Lowes sells a sink drain and tailpipe combination. Oh, but I had to drive to another Lowes because the one closest to me stocked only three of these items at a time. I needed five.

Guest bathroom was a straightforward renovation. Remove and replace old bathtub, vanity and toilet. We decided to tile tub up to the ceiling and trim the outside with metal. Our tile of choice was a calm soothing color scheme.  A band of mosaic glass tile broke up the large walls to accentuate. Grey wood look tile on floor created a very calm space. Mason jar lights with LED bulbs mounted above vanity and ceiling adds a vintage feel with modern sensibility. Dual flush toilet allows for water conservation. Dual vessel sinks sits on top of green glass counter top and deep ebony vanities. A set of drawers separate vanities and adds storage. Serene light paint tone makes this space open and inviting. This bathroom will serve three bedrooms on that side of the house.

Guest Bathroom

Master bathroom was a little different. The shower had a small door and seemed boxed in. Garden tub was in excellent condition so that stayed as is. Removing  the shower door and wall created a larger more accessible shower. Same tile as guest bathroom were used on these walls and floor. Same dual vanity, vessel sinks and dual flush toilet added cohesiveness to the house.

Master Bathroom

Downstairs guest and pool bathroom followed suit as upstairs bathroom with single vanity, dual flush toilet and wood look tile floor.  Shower was in excellent condition so that stayed as is.

Downstairs Guest and Pool Bathroom

One of the most challenging issues was the back patio roof which connected house to pool. In the beginning there were minor leaks from flashing. Roofing contractor gave me a piece of flashing to install and that should do the trick. None of his crew wanted to get on top of this roof. Well, we had to paint the back of the house so we got on top of the roof. Then we had to clean years of leaves. The roof drain had a small garden growing in it. All of this over the pool. Disaster. Disaster. After spending a month messing around with this roof, it was clean but still leaked from flashing which now entering the first floor sliding glass door and a few minor other leaks. One day I was painting inside and suddenly the Florida afternoon downpour came. It sounded like a waterfall was flowing at the back of the house. Guess what? The huge amount of water at such a fast rate caused separation of the aluminum panels. My heart literally sank. I continued painting and when I was done washed up and left.

I had some earlier quotes to replace the roof. Their prices were, let’s just say, through the roof! Once again, my realtor Ryan Rogers to the rescue. He recommended a guy who did patio screens but he wasn’t sure if he did aluminum roofs. I called the guy. From the first phone call I was at ease. This guy put all my troubles to rest. He replaced the roof and did not break the bank. Some little wannabe Hurricane is churning in the Gulf of Mexico dumping rains in Apopka. Guess what? There is no longer a waterfall in the back yard and the sliding glass door is dry. No leaks anywhere. I’m breathing easier.

Patio Roof

The entire upper floor of this house is done painting. A soft grey paint tone soothes the eye and mind. Fans with combination lights are in all rooms for added air circulation. New modern ceiling lights replaced the old golden fixtures. Two new air conditioning units to handle upstairs and downstairs replaced the old non existent units. Yes, the insides of old air handlers were missing.

Moving on to downstairs, a coat of paint, a new floor, new kitchen and we could wrap this flip up. I better hurry, we are expecting our first child in a month!