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The black, dirty, smelly pool with several creepy crawly creatures is now sparkling again. When we purchased this house, the pool was covered. Apart from a little corner peek, we weren’t really sure what to expect. At least there was water in there.


So we took the plunge. After several pool companies came out and submitted quotes, we decided on Butler’s Final Detail. Terry Butler was professional and patient with my tons of questions, concerns and gave workable solutions. The verdict, two non functioning pumps and a complete pool resurface with marcite.


Work started with cleaning the screen enclosure. It never amazes what a little bleach and a pressure washer can do. That thing is spotless, much to my utter astonishment. Just that darn tree that keeps dropping needles. Then they drained the pool completely. Out came the demo hammer. They carefully chipped around light fixtures, pump nozzles and tile line. I was very skeptical about the tiles. They looked hopeless. Terry assured me to have fate. More bleach, a good pressure washing and the pool was staring to peek out.


The crew showed up in numbers. A cement mixer was parked on the lawns and off they went. Well, I didn’t quite see them start. They started at 6 am. I was still in the shower at that time. Needless to say by 2 pm, they were wrapping up and the pool looked marvelous. Lights were tested. Oops, problems. Light bulb blown. Easy fix. This pool was not functional for five years. I did not expect the lights to come on. Both pool and spa pumps were replaced. The filling started. I guess with one garden hose it takes a long time. A really long time. Several days long time. Chemicals were added. Finally, today we cranked on the pumps and the pump seal was leaking. Easy fix. Everything is now up and running. After holding my breath for several days, I can finally exhale. The pool is sparkling and ready for swimmers.