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When we bought this house there was a blue tarp on the roof. Since it was an ‘as is’ sale we factored in a roof replacement. Little did we know the extent of damages.

It is always challenging to narrow down a roofing contractor. For whatever reasons, they are always so busy, show up whenever for appointments or never show up at all or never call back after appointments. I was fortunate enough for a referral from realtor Ryan Rogers to Johnson Roofing. Steven Johnson, owner, answered the phone, made an appointment and showed up. He was knowledge, insightful and humble. Steve didn’t push nor did he over promise nor did he constantly sold himself. He was straight up and up front in what he could provide. I was sold the first time we met.


Demolition day is always exciting. Old shingles go flying in every which direction. Which revealed the extent of wood damage. There were 9 solar panels on this roof to heat the pool. With so many trees surrounding the house, leaves falling and getting stuck on solar panels spelt disaster for the roof. The guys had to replace 8 sheets of rotted plywood.


Speaking of guys, this crew was on top of their game. These guys knew exactly what and how to accomplish each phase of the job. They were efficient, motivated and worked like a well oiled machine. After the feltpaper was laid, we got an inspection from the City of Apopka and passed with flying colors.

Check out a video tour of the new roof on my YouTube Channel, here.

Next day it took the crew not more than 4 hours to lay the entire roof of Georgetown Gray shingles. They were neat, precise and in a straight line. Clean up was spectacular. Every piece of debris was gone, like they were never there. I’ll definitely use Johnson Roofing again. Roof looked spectacular. On to more spectacular things inside the house.