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The outside of a house is what a buyer first sees. Choosing the right paint scheme is always important. Lucky for me that was very easy. I choose the same colors.

Here is an opportunity to change the look of the house. I choose not to. As I spend more time on the property and speak with the neighbors, the true colors of this property revealed itself. The prior owners of this property was a church. The church used this house as a shelter for people struggling to keep a roof over their head. What a noble dwelling. I feel that the soothing colors of this house was a beacon for so many that it is only fitting I keep it that way with a fresh coat of the same color.

The actual work was fairly easy. It took us longer to tape and cover windows and other areas than to spray the house. We followed by cutting and touch ups with paint brush.

Now that the outside is painted, the roofer can get on with replacing the old worn out roof. The good thing about painting before roof replacement is, we did not have to cover or protect the roof. Just spray and move on. In the coming days we will replace the non functioning garage door and opener. I will turn my focus to bathrooms, kitchen and interiors.

Things will move at rapid pace…..bar mishaps. Murphy’s Law should just take a nap and let things move.