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Done? Oh yeah, done. Well two weeks of jack hammering results in things moving along nicely. Here is a full 20 yard dumpster.

Upstairs second bathroom was a full gut job. Bath tub, vanity, sink and toilet were all in bad shape. Downstairs bathroom shower was in very good shape. Vanity, sink and toilet not so much. All were ripped out. Upstairs master bathroom faired a little better. Garden tub and surround is in excellent shape. Looks like no one ever used it so that stayed. Vanity and toilet were ripped out. Shower door was widened to create a more open space. Old tile floor and backer board was ripped out.

The kitchen floor was a little more challenging. People really need to stop tiling over vinyl. Popping the tile was easy but that vinyl was pain to scrap off. After a few good days and some bruised knuckles we finally finished. Kitchen cabinets literally fell apart to touch. Clean slate.

Tile surround was removed from fireplace to make way for a more updated look.

Now that all major demolition is done we can move on to clearing shrubs outside and a new coat of paint.