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When we first walked this property as a perspective to buy, the shed in the back was locked. So we never really had an opportunity to look inside. After purchasing the property, I just broke open the door since there was no key. This did not take too much energy. You can already guess what I was going to find.


The entire left wall of the shed was rotted and falling down. The ceiling was covered with what felt like 1/8 inch flexible plywood. There was fiberglass insulation everywhere but inside the walls. The right and back walls were covered with more flimsy wood and peg board. I couldn’t walk in there without suffocating or being attacked by some tiny creature. The roofing contractor took one look and said he was not going on the roof without something being done to the supports. Thankfully, Marty the foreman from All Ways Roofing is a genius at framing. He told me to rip the inside walls open and leave the framing to him. He rebuild that entire thing.

IMG_2093Most of the left wall is new framing studs. The remaining studs were not affected by rot or mold. We replaced every molded and rotten wood in that shed. Then I insulated the ceiling and walls with an aluminium reflective shield. Drywall was hung on the wall and ceiling. A coat of texture, primer and paint created a whole new space. The Air Conditioner is in great shape, so that stayed. New shingle roof was installed with new roof for the house. Since this could be used for a multitude of purposes I applied a coat of stain to the finished plywood floor.


Any additional space in a home is bonus. This shed could be a work shop, man cave, she shed (yes that is a new thing….girls need their space to roam also), reading room, wine lounge, “special room”, the uses are endless. I am happy that I did not listen to my better half and just tore the whole shed down. It was one of my most delightful projects on this renovation.

DSC09710 We are still on track to take professional pictures tomorrow and try to list by the end of the week. What’s the next blog post? Wait until you see the kitchen/grand room make over.