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All open drywall is closed; patches, taping and mudding is done. This includes Master Shower rebuild, kitchen, living room, laundry room and Work Shop. On to painting.

I decided it was time to invest in a paint sprayer. After some research and talking to a few pros from Lowes and Home Depot, I chose the entry level Graco Magnum LTS 15. First try at spraying primer was a breeze. After experimenting and playing around with a texture hopper powered by a compressor, three tries over a week period, I finally got to a point where I can live with the texture. This is one thing that has a steep learning curve. Hopefully I’ll get better at it. A second coat of primer over the texture is recommended to protect the texture.

Here lies my almost complete melt down. I couldn’t get a gallon out of the sprayer. I’ve used a sprayer before. This being my first sprayer I’m very novice. I read and reread the manual, went to Lowes and Home Depot to talk to their experts. Called the manufacturer’s helpline, who referred me to a service center. After explaining my dilemma they recommended a total clean out or I could give the machine to them at a nominal charge of close to a hundred bucks and about a week wait time. Seriously? I took it back to the job site and cleaned it out, same issue. I wouldn’t bore you with the details but I broke. After coming back to earth I thought spraying was not meant for me. I was about to return the sprayer and roll the paint. As I was walking out of the garage, boxed up sprayer in hand, I walked pass my other containers of paint. Why not give another paint a chance? What do you know, the other paint worked! Needless to say, when I took the paint back the guys informed me that I was not the only person who could not get this paint to spray from a smaller sprayer. Did I mention in trying to figure out why the sprayer wouldn’t work I swapped it for the bigger more powerful Graco Magnum LTS 17? Oh yeah, I’m keeping that bad boy.

Now that I got the sprayer working it was easy breezy. Not so fast, after spraying the first coat on living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom I am not pleased with the color tones. Definitely, these tones will not coordinate with shower tiles and laminate flooring. Back to the drawing boards to adjust the color scheme. But at least I can spray paint.