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After what seems like a parade of buyers, the never ending trail looks like there is an end. We have a pending offer.


This property, 510 Madison at Metrowest, showed like a model home. Even before listing, I had an offer. During the last few days of cleaning and getting it ready, a real estate agent was looking at a property on the second floor of this building and we struck up a conversation. Needless to say he took a peek at my property and immediately wanted to show his client. Forty five minutes later he was back, client and client’s son in tow. Their eyes lit up. I was sure that an offer was coming. Next day, a low ball offer came, we countered, they countered and nothing happened from then. A week later we found out that the client went back to Brasil.

The day after we listed there were twelve showings. As the days followed, the showings increased. There were a few low ball offers, once we countered they just vanished. There were several people interested with financing the deal. That’s when we found out that banks would not finance in this community because of it’s high rental percentage. Bummer!

It just so happens that an agent contacted my agent for a personal entry since he did not have an electronic key. Ryan Rogers, my agent from Keller Williams, did his magic and a few days later we got an acceptable offer. Closing paper work is pending.