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After a few minor delays waiting on ordered materials and unforeseen technicalities, this unit is done.


The master bathroom had a single faucet, sink and extended vanity counter top.  We changed to double faucets and sinks integrated into one complete counter top unit from Ikea. Ikea out of products? Yes, we had to wait for the specific sink to arrive. The floating double vanity features hidden plumbing behind four deep drawers. Without getting too complicated, changing from one supply line to two were done without breaking the drywall. A couple of extension lines and T-attachments made easy what could be a long drawn out process of breaking walls and moving pipe. New medicine cabinet, double mirrors and shower trim added a modern clean finish. A new energy saving water sense toilet from Glacier Bay completed this bathroom.


We had to wait for the toekick to be shipped by Ikea. This is also used as filler pieces. Which resulted in a significant delay in completing the kitchen. Pencil mosaic backsplash tile, cabinet trims, under cabinet lights and a bright ceiling light made the kitchen sparkle.


Complete replacement of patio screen mesh and flat spline assure a clear view and will withstand the high Florida winds during hurricane season. Total enclosure keep the bugs out for indoor outdoor convenience.

Professional tile floor cleaning gave the tiles and grout line a new life. This unit is ready to welcome home a deserving buyer. For Sale sign is on!

See the complete Photo Gallery on my Flickr.