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Yes it is almost there. Working on two rooms in concert with each other eliminates any down time and speed up the process.

The kitchen needs a few finishing touches. After crafting and installing some filler pieces, the cabinets look seamless. Pencil Mosiac tile backsplash went in without too much fuss. Grouting posed a little timing issue with the first part drying too fast. A little elbow and determination cleaned up the grout nicely. Cabinet trim needs caulking. Appliances need to reinstall and examine to make sure there are no packaging left behind. A trim under the bar top will complete this kitchen.


Master bathroom old vanity and toilet will make way for double sink and new toilet. Creative plumbing will take care of splitting a single sink water source to double, without cracking open the drywall. The tailpiece coupling had to be moved back flat against the wall to accommodate for Ikea’s unique hidden plumbing system. New vanity lights are already installed. Replacing the stained old medicine cabinet will keep things fresh and clean.

Some new fan blades, light globe and screen repair will round out the patio.

I can almost see the finish line.