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After a horrific start this morning, the guest bathroom is done. Well almost, a little silicone on the shower trim and it will be completely done.


Retrofitting with an Ikea bath vanity has it’s challenges. The bath faucet came with attached pipe connectors. Unfortunately, that supposed comfort does limit where the vanity is located with respect to the existing plumbing. One option to move the plumbing if the connectors are too short. Another is change the connectors. Or be lucky if it all works out. In this case, a small plumbing extension and everything fitted neatly.

To my utter dismay, as I opened the brand spanking new toilet box I was greeted by a massive cracked tank. Seriously! Off to Home Depot I went. Having a bad experience I decided to get another brand of toilet. No hardware stores close by had what I wanted so I drove to a very distant location. Only to find what was listed on their website was different than what was in their store. I just went right back to my original choice.

This product did not come with a wax seal nor a seat. So I bought a seat and extra thick wax seal. Luckily I got the extra thick wax seal which came with long floor bolts because the little short bolts that came with the toilet cannot even secure without a wax ring. Why would they even include that dwarfed bolt? Needless to say, rest of the install was a breeze and everything works as it should. No leaks and good flush.

A little silicone caulk around the shower trim, clean up and this bathroom would be ready for its close up. On to some massive painting while I wait for kitchen trim and granite countertops.