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Many times what looks great on paper or computer screen does not work in reality. However, these kitchen cabinets fit exactly as planned.


My expert cabinet assembler made little work of these Ikea cabinets. She assemble so many cabinets that she does not even read instructions anymore. After assembly, we dry fit.

Ikea cabinet systems require a hanging rod for upper cabinets. This is the most crucial step. This rod must be perfectly level all around the room and attached to studs. Then cabinets simply hang from the rod with bolts and nuts. Lower cabinets simply line up on legs and attach to walls with toggle bolts or wood screws. So far all the cabinets line up in exactly the space we planned.

Now comes the delay. The toekick is used as spacers. However, Ikea in Orlando does not have this product in my particular finish. My options, drive an hour and a half to Tampa, wait about 2 weeks for delivery or buy an extra side panel. Although the wait will antagonize it is the most economical option.

I’ll defer the completion of this kitchen and move on to other parts of the project. When the toekick shows up I can tie this kitchen together.

Maybe it’s time to tackle the bathrooms.