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With the power finally turned on in this unit, a more in depth examination had me taking a few deep breaths.

After a few miss matched fittings and trips to Lowes and Home Depot, the water heater pipe leak is fixed. Without power I still couldn’t figure out if the hot water tank is working. Now that power has been on for a whole day that should be enough to figure out if there was hot water. Guess what? There was hot water. One deep breath.


Next big breath, to figure out if the Air Conditioner is working. After turning it on for half an hour and not even a whiff of cool air, I thought here comes the first big blow. I reached out to a few previous AC companies and technicians I’ve worked with, non with immediate availability. So I reached out to my realtor Ryan Rogers from Keller Williams Realty. He was at another property, ironically, with an AC company.


Scott of G & S Air Systems immediately took my call and was at my unit in a few hours. Him and Walt, (the brains behind the company, his words not mine) took my AC to task. First thing, they figured the capacitor was bad. They changed that. Then cleaned the condenser coils and motor, checked the Freon levels, cleaned the outside unit, changed the circa 1995 thermostat to a digital Honeywell beauty and tested. Nothing! At this point I was gasping for air. Walt took the outside unit apart again, the contactor was not closing. After changing that out, presto! Cold air! I highly recommend the professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge of these gentlemen. Their quick response and efficiency may just earn them my continued repeat business.


Now that cold air is blasting away and I can breath freely, it was time to break something. Nah. I carefully took the kitchen cabinets and sink apart. Later, I’ll donated all of these to the Salvation Army.