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Today marks the start of new project 510 Madison At Metrowest. Closing was painless. I wish the entire process was as simple. However, we got over the hump and off we go.

I was told that electricity was on. No so much. Power company promises tomorrow. We’ll see about that. The very first thing on any of these flips is a lock change. So both front and patio door locks were changed. I can never trust when someone says, that is the only key in existence. Really, one key for four locks? I’ll think not.

There is always a security concern on empty foreclosed units. Much to my dismay there was a broken glass pane. With a Tropical Depression (is it yet) Arthur looming off the Atlantic Florida coast I raced to change the glass pane. I guess my measurement was off by less than a quarter inch. So I had to go back to the glass store for a recut. Thankfully, the very gracious people at Continental Glass obliged. A thin bead of silicone and crisp glazing strips, the window was as good as new.

A complete assessment of outside storage closet revealed some damage drywall. This will be the next project, as drywall takes a few days after being hung to dry and paint. A plan is starting to take shape for the kitchen and bathrooms.

The work continues.