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The longest closing ever! It has been a long drawn out process that seems like it would never come to an end. Wait, it’s not really at the end, yet.

After very careful screening, we decided on our next project. Over a month ago we found a condo that matches our financial goals for a profitable renovation. The property is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo located in Madison at Metrowest. However, the closing gods had a very long drawn out lengthy process of paper work after paper work that seen to go on and on…..you get the picture. It took longer than a regular closing. Tentative date for closing is Monday, 6/20/2014. Who knows what else can happen.

Upon closing, our plan is to make an assessment, come up with a plan of action, demo and renovate this property in a minimum amount of time with maximum attention to details. Initial assessment prior to purchase showed that we needed to renovate kitchen, both bathrooms, some work in the patio storage, a fresh coat of paint and this property should be ready for a new owner. But, in flips you never know what lies within the walls. This should be a fun flip