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What the heck is a shower pitch? In short without getting too technical, it is the slope of the shower floor that allows water to reach the drain. Or 1/4″ fall per ft. requirement. Simple enough, right?

Well, seasoned professionals may have a practiced eye and arm sweep that creates a perfect pitch everytime. Seasoned I do not profess to be. So I turn to the next available tool, or dare I say “aid”. After much internet research Goof Proof Shower Kit from Mark E Industries seem easy enough and affordable.

The first step is to set up a Pre Pitch mortar bed. Then lay a Shower Pan liner. Install Kirb-Perfect. Pour a Quick Pitch Mortar bed. Then set tiles. The Kit comes with written instructions and a DVD. For more info or step by step instructions, check out their website http://www.markeindustries.com.

So far I have installed PrePitch, KirbPerfect, Shower Pan liner, and Purple Gypsum Board. Next is Quick Pitch, mortar, and then tile.

After the shower is complete, the vanity is next, then lay floor boards in the master bedroom. There is a little closet that has to be painted and this project could go on the market!