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In this day and age we seldom savor the old. It is easier and cheaper to tear everything down and start from scratch. Granted, some situation cannot be saved.

When I first walked into this unit, buried under piles of clutter and debris were these lonesome bamboo planks. Some were still attached to the floor others were loose. I immediately saved them. There had to be something that could be done with these. As time and this renovation took shape, it occurred that I should put these bamboo under the pass through counter. The purpose is twofold. One as an added feature. Second and more practical as protection for the wall should someone want to use the counter for sitting.

As this feature evolved, I added a foot rest. I found this piece of heavy 4″x 4″ wood laying in the unit. Another piece I tucked away knowing that it would serve a purpose later, if not in this unit then another.

Bamboo flooring fitting as tongue and groove. Two pieces of grooves served as anchor on the top while the bottoms were nailed into the wall. Then the foot rest was attached with 4 6″ x 1/4″ Spax screws into the kitchen wall. Baseboards were extended from adjacent walls. Two narrow strips of crown molding, top and bottom, tied it all together.

Master bedroom is painted. Closets are prepped and ready for paint, now that all that bamboo flooring is removed. Master bathroom is yet to be demolished.