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Of course I am talking about the kitchen sink, faucet, and dishwasher.

The sink hole was cut by the granite installers. A little shaving of cabinet rails and hooks snugly held sink on place. Faucet was placed on sink for easier clean up and uncluttered countertop. Quick connect water supply lines were used with a T-connection on hot water line for dishwasher.

The single sink drain was led into a garbage disposal which mounted under sink. A flexible extension added length to tailpiece connecting to P-trap and drain.

Operational test of appliances yielded positive results. A little paint touch up and the kitchen will be completed. Although, there is a bamboo featured covering going under the bar counter to serve as accent and protection from kicks.

Work has begun on the master suite. Walls are filled and waiting to be sanded. Closets are to be painted. Master shower and vanity to be demolished. Yes, there is a glimpse of light.