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Kitchen cabinet and appliance installation begins. Kitchen layout was done on Ikea’s Kitchen Planner website, since I wanted to use their very installation friendly cabinets. The upper line of cabinet was planned for a 24″ corner carousel along 12″, 18″, 30″ (over microwave), and 18″ cabinets. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that the corner cabinet would be too large to fix on the pass through wall. After purchasing the upper line and transporting them to the site, the very first box I opened had a chip. Sad thing, had I inspected the box before leaving Ikea I would have seen the damage. Double check.

Today I returned the 24″ corner for a regular straight cabinet. The box was taped at one side whereas Ikea original packaging is just glue. I opened that corner and peeked at the planks, they seemed in good condition. When I got back to the job site and opened the box to assemble unit….wild guess? The hardware package was missing! Double check.

Almost two days of driving back and forth to Ikea with very little progress. The kitchen saga begins…