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It has been long hours of fixing holes, mudding, and skim coating to guest bedroom walls. A coat of primer, followed by a base coat and finishing coat of paint rounded off the walls. I will purchase and install closet door after laying laminate flooring. Bedroom door was crooked and could not close neatly. A few well placed screws and rearrangement of strike plate saw an almost seamless close.

Unit entrance front door could not close without a huge tug. I removed the trim and scraped away spray foam. A little readjusting of shims and the door closed effortlessly.

To this point most of the painting is done, until I start the master bed and bathroom. My plan is to start laying laminate floor in the kitchen. Purchase, assemble and install cabinets. Then install appliances. A working granite countertop template will have to be drawn. Turn around time for countertop is approximately one week.

Trotting right along.