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A little planning goes very far in achieving seamless end results.

After complete kitchen plan on Ikea’s website, I transferred plan along physical kitchen walls. The microwave/hood required to be screwed into at least one stud. There are two studs across the space. No brace necessary.

The previous sink drain was configured for a two compartment sink. My plan calls for a one compartment sink with attached dish drain. This fits in the allotted space. Cutting off the Y fitting cleared the space for new drain configuration.

For whatever reasons the old water supply lines were run outside of the drywall. I’ve since cut and cap the lines. They are now going to be moved within the drywall and centered under the sink.

A new plastic refrigerator water supply line replaced the old worn out copper line.

Drywall will get closed up, taped and mud. Layers of mudding continues in the living room and kitchen pass through.