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Quite a few things have been happening simultaneously.

After the Guest Bathroom completion it is on to the kitchen, dining, and living room. No real reasons why they all can’t be worked on at the same time. Living room has some taping high up in the ceiling and a whole lot of holes to fill. Not much is necessary in the dining room, except for the pass through to kitchen.

There was an extremely small opening in the kitchen wall. After removing cabinets, it was clear that taking the top up to the ceiling would widen this pass through allowing for a unified kitchen, dining, and living room. No, the entire wall could not be removed. There is a vent pipe and back wall for refrigerator.

Minor reframing and drywall blend these spaces together. I am not certain if the drab red coating is wallpaper or improper paint adhesion. But, it all peeled off with no effort. Once I tugged on one piece a good section came off. So I just removed the whole thing. Easier to level the new pieces of drywall. Taping and mudding next.

There is a kitchen plan in place. Kitchen walls are getting prepared and assessments are being made to accommodate appliances. Dishwasher and Range are scheduled for delivery next week. Microwave/hood was bought last week. I’ll pick up the cabinets next week or as I progress.

Moving right along.