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Now that the major parts of this renovation are done, it is time to bring it all together.

Good water flow with no leaks on tub drain nor shower pipes and fixtures. Shower fixtures and trim installed nicely with pipe tape and thread sealant. An even coat of silicone for added layer of protection rounded out the install.

A new vent fan motor was installed with new cover. New Defecto Plastic Replacement Ceiling Supply vent register took the place of old metal. Why plastic? It is mold and moisture resistant. When dirty it can be taken out and washed to brand new. This product is sold only at Home Depot.

The vanity light was installed. Replacement light switch , vent fan switch, and GFCI outlet took their rightful places, with plastic covers. New medicine cabinet nestled snugly in its place.

I’ve been debating for a few days as to which color caulk to use for the tub surround. Almond will go well with the wall tile but not with the floor tile. Clear would be invisible but any irregular gaps will show. White will match with the tub and extend to all the surrounding surfaces. I choose white.

What do you think?