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Primer is up on the walls and they are ready for final dressing.

After wet sanding with a sponge to create a slightly linen effect, the walls were ready for primer.

Using a 3/8 nap Shurline Walls and Ceiling Paint Cover on a Long Arm Extension, I gently rolled on a thick coat of primer. Then with a Slanted Wooster Snubby brush (which btw I am not a fan), I cut in the corners and hard to reach areas. Then rerolled with a 4″ Microfiber Cover on a small roller.

Prior to priming, I attached a new PushIn Toilet Flange. The flange was set in a bed of PreMixed Concrete to achieve balance and level. 6 3/16 x 2 3/4 TapCon Screws secured the flange in place.

On to paint and tile.