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We spend quite a few hours at home in our bathrooms. Why not create a space that is pleasing to the eye and senses? What are the most prominent elements in a bathroom? Wall coverings, in this case paint and tile.

For ease of care and a wide variety of patterns, I choose porcelain tile. The bathtub surround will be a light marbled pattern and the floor a medium wood toned. I am still on the fence about a glass tile insert. We’ll see how it comes out.

I found this really awesome locally owned tile store run by a father and son team. Tile Etc. has an enormous warehouse of vast varieties. They are not interested in moving products, they are more focused on what works for the consumer’s application.

Choosing paint color, finish, and certain characteristics can be a daunting task. I made mental notes about ballpark color palates. The great team of guys at Wonder Products did the rest. I tell them what I am working on and they go searching through their vast inventory. When the mad chemist works, who am I to question? Modern earth tones was the outcome. This is another family run small business.

Most of the elements are here, it is just a matter of putting it all together.