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With a few missteps installing the bathtub, I rejoice that the day has come to install Drywall.

A while back I used Georgia Pacific Blue and Yellow DensShield in a bathroom and it worked very nicely. Although, the little glass particles were very pesky. My local Home Depot and Lowes don’t stock this product anymore. Though I see it on commercial and industrial construction sites. Oh well we must make do with what is available. Green or Purple Gypsum? They are both the same, just sold at different outlets. I’ll take purple.

My choice for this bathroom is 1/2 inch Moisture and Mold Resistant Purple Gypsum board attached with 1 1/4 inch Hardibacker Board corrosive resistant screws, counter sank with a Ryobi set screw stop. The front of the screw stop broke off after 5 screws, but the shank still acts as a stop. I cut using a large drywall square and a utility knife. More intricate cuts I used a Fein Multimaster with multipurpose saw blade.

After installing drywall on the tub surround, I patched the holes from various wall attachments. Inside the bathtub, I used green tape and outside I used white tape. EasyFinish Joint compound in a 5 gallon container was an easy choice for it’s lightweight, multicoat and mold resistance.

The bling comes next.