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Just when I thought that things were ready to move along at a fast pace, the bathtub registered a tilt in the wrong direction.

Total oversight on my part was to trust the old bathtub framing. I went ahead and install the bathtub on a bed of mortar within existing supports not really thinking it through or checking for plumb. Next morning after installation, the tub sank towards the back. During the drain test I stared in disbelieve at a puddle of accumulating water to one side of the drain.

I did try to add more mortar in hopes of correcting the tilt to no avail. Even tried chopping off a piece of the dried mortar. Desperation. Then the entire mortar bed separated from the tub. That was it! I decided to start all over again.

Removed the tub, break up and haul away the mortar bed, and cleaned up the whole structure. Using shims, I leveled the subfloor and added supporting beams. The laid a bed of mortar. The tub is resting at level. Don’t think it’s going to sink again.

Sink and toilet supply lines were secured, valves changed and tested and drywall installed. Drywall patching commenced. I’ll test the bath drain tomorrow and with enough time for the mortar to cure, I’ll install the tub surround drywall.

Couple of days set back, but still good progress.