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Old wood that survived for decades should be displayed in all it’s glory. This condo has a stunning wooden ceiling with massive beams and a focus wooden wall in the dining room.

I stained the ceiling a deeper red color to accentuate the massive beams even more. The same stain was applied to the wooden wall. The best applicator for these unfinished wooden ceiling, I find, is a wooden deck staining pad from Shurline, which is found in either Lowes or Home Depot.

There is a giant mess on the floor but those tiles are getting chiseled off tomorrow anyway.

Since I have to wait until tomorrow to start floor demo, why not cool off in the pool. The pool is 1 minute walking distance and has a very hi tech coded entry. Without the little black plastic sensor that is about the size of a quarter no one get’s in. Very serene and calm setting. I’ll float for awhile.