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Tearing kitchen cabinets off walls is fun! We did start the gentle way, taking out one screw at a time to save the cabinets and donate them. That went as far as the uppers. The lowers were far too damaged. All cabinets are gone.

The electric cook top with oven and dishwasher were the only appliances left. I removed and stored them in the master bedroom. My thought was when new appliances arrived, I would have these removed.

Today is Sunday and I feel the blessings. As we were gathering the last load of trash, a guy driving a pick up truck passed by. I didn’t really pay any attention until I ran into him at the garbage dump. He collects scrap metal and such.

He followed me back to the condo and took everything I had left. Needless to say I now have my own personal recycler who will make daily pick ups.