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After working several home remodeling projects for others, we decided it was time to get our own feet wet. A golden opportunity presented in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house on Imperial Place in Poinciana, Florida.

After Front

The house was in total shambles. Doors frames were in place literally by a single nail. There were huge holes in the drywall. The garage door opener was out of order. Closets were removed and walls not recovered. Floor grout was missing. The list goes on and and on. But, the house had good bones.

So we took on the challenge and plugged away. Although the work seemed a lot, most of it was cosmetic. With a little elbow grease and paint the guest bathroom recovered. Patching the two bedroom walls, reinstalling the base molding, and a fresh coat of paint erased all trace of kids. A good scrub in the kitchen and several coats of paint took away layers of grease and neglect. A total removing of the entire floor grout and regrout brought a sparkle back to some sad looking tiles. Total recaulking of the master bathroom with new vanity fixtures breathed new life.

The house was hiding behind a huge shrub in front of the kitchen window. A short trim and new landscape plants around the house brightened the whole exterior. Elastomeric paint on the exterior guaranteed protection from threatening Florida Hurricanes. Removal of several cluster of shrubs in the back yard, opened up an expansive view.

This renovation certainly did not go without any hitches. There were snakes, fierce dogs and full on SWAT team raids in the area. The neighborhood was a constant haven for drugs, fights, and total lawlessness. But there were a few neighbors on the block who were caring and made us feel welcomed.

After renovation this property rented well.

Go see a set of before and after pictures on Flickr.