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In an age of mass consumption and the yearning for new and now, is there still anyone out there who reuse and repurpose stuff?  I was taking out the trash at my apartment complex and saw all of these dilapidated sad looking furniture at the dumpster. I thought to my self, I can try my hand at freshening these pieces. Luckily my uncle was a master antique refurbisher (at least that was his title at a prominent antique store when he lived in New York). Out of a need for furniture blossomed an appreciation to renovate and reuse.

Pictures taken 6/27/2004.

My first stab, was at these bar stools. Neither had a seat. There was a piece of 6” x 2” lumber laying around in my uncle’s garbage that he was ready to part with. I took a peanut can and outlined the seats. Then, took a jig saw and cut out the formation. After thorough sanding, we carefully applied a stain, a sealer, and then sprayed varnish. I still have these stools.

One day I was driving by this old furniture store somewhere in Little Saigon Area and stumbled over this sofa.


Picture taken 6/14/2005

Not bad looking right? Well, at least it has a nice shape. So, I stripped it down to the frame.

Picture taken 6/14/2005

Using strips of burlap bought from JoAn Fabrics I formed a web. Then added 6” thick foam on the bottom, 4” on the back, and 2” on the arms. Using two different colors of velvet from JoAn Fabrics, I recovered the whole thing.


Picture taken 6/29/2005

I parted with this piece after a colleague would not stop bugging me to sell it.


A table that a neighbor was throwing out.


Picture taken 9/10/2004

During the I-4 Hurricane season of 2004, the images of twin swirling hurricanes on CNN was the inspiration to do this pattern.

Pictures taken  7/31/2004

A quick sand, seal, and spray varnish cleaned up this old bookcase nicely.

Pictures taken 8/24/2004

I’ve dabbled with refurbishing wooden tables, chairs, and cabinets. Some pieces I still have, others found caring homes. It is very gratifying to see a sad looking piece brighten up. It is with this rekindling of the forgotten that Acacia Synergy was created.